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5 Reasons Why Activated Charcoal Filters Are Better Than Roaches For Joints

5 Reasons Why Activated Charcoal Filters Are Better Than Roaches For Joints

by Anjali Mishra on April 02, 2021  in Drugs

Any joint is made of three important components: the weed/mixture, the rolling paper, and the filter. But while the first two enjoy special status, the filter is sadly not given as much importance in comparison and easily gets replaced with cigarette box covering, visiting cards, passport photos—literally anything small, thin, and rectangular.

However, if there is anything that 2020 has taught us, it is to be clean and to stay healthy. And so, here are 5 reasons you should consider switching to activated charcoal filters instead of your typical roach now!

It is cleaner and safer.


The tobacco you use in the mix, combined with the paper (unbleached or bleached) and the material used to make a roach creates carcinogens when lit up. These carcinogens are harmful for you; and there’s more than enough harm being caused by the whole combination in here. Activated charcoal filters, on the other hand, are designed to absorb those harmful chemicals and ensure that you have a safer smoking experience. Can your typical roaches do any of this? Not really.

You roll the perfect spliff, all the damn time!


Regardless of whether you are a noob or a seasoned joint-roller (It’s a term now; we don’t make the rules), you may have had an instance or two wherein you rolled the best joint ever and yet had to re-do because of the flimsy roach. But the activated charcoal filters usually come in 6mm and 8mm and are pretty firm. And so, it doesn not slide out or unfurl while one is rolling, aiding to make the perfect roll instead. So, high time you move on from flimsy roaches to these sturdy filters!

It is a wonderful conversation starter.


Green, blue, yellow, brown, orange, purple, white—these are just some of the gorgeous colours that activated charcoal filters are available in. So for all of you who’d like to have stoned interactions but are too shy to initiate; take out a packet of these filters at the next social session and you are bound to have a conversation about it! And well, when was the last time a roach started a conversation?

P.S. Of course—some of you may remember the conversation, some won’t.

You stay cool, literally!


So, the tips of activated charcoal filters are made of ceramic. Yep, you heard us right. It is ceramic, that cold surface in every bathroom that your kneecaps may go RIP on if you trip. The function of these ceramic tips on the filter, although, is to cool the smoke that is being adsorbed by the filters. This helps ensure that you can smoke all the way to the end without crying your eyes out or burning your lips black!

You barely survived 2020 and deserve better.


If you are reading this then congratulations, you have survived 2020! However, if you are reading this before/while/after rolling one up and it is not with a roach and not these activated charcoal filters, then somebody is going to get hurt real bad. Alright, no playful threats. But maybe just try them out once? After all, it retains the high, keeps you safe and clean, and ensures you have a smooth smoke. So, what are you waiting for?

Rolling Filters India is a cannabis-centric brand that is creating and engaging with a community which promotes smart smoking by slowly changing the way India lights up. With products ranging from activated charcoal filters to multivitamins for cannabis-users and more that can be used for stoning purposes, Rolling Filters India offers an insight into the best products in the smoking paraphernalia segment.

“Rolling Filters India, is slowly changing the way India lights up.. We are overly excited about creating and engaging with a community which promotes smart smoking and offering an insight into the best products for our daily habit. We are not a headshop, but a lighthouse in a sea of darkness which is the smoking paraphernalia segment.”

-Rushabh Masturlal, CoFounder, Rolling Filters India

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