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Artist that owe a lot to TikTok: Fame Faster Than Clock’s Ticking

Artist that owe a lot to TikTok: Fame Faster Than Clock’s Ticking

by Kareena Dodeja on April 01, 2021  in Music

TikTok is an app that allows users to create and share short videos with special effects and it is widely popular in India with 54 million users. TikTok gives content creators many features to explore like filters, stickers, control over the video speed and access to music to make entertaining videos.

TikTok blew up the internet a year ago and creators have conducted meet and greets for their fans across India. The creators earn and get sponsored by the best brands in India; they get paid for making 15 seconds to one minute videos implementing the brand in their video in an innovative way.

TikTok revolutionised the music industry as new artists were discovered. Tik Tok users use new sounds to dance and make videos go viral. One such song that propelled popularity was ‘Old Town Road’ and the dance challenge went viral. Lil Naz, the artist, was discovered and the song was trending in the charts for months.

The best way to make a song go viral is to make a challenge on Tik Tok. This gives a lot of opportunities for new artists. Some famous songs on Tik Tok that went viral were ‘Dance Monkey,’ ‘Truth Hurts,’ ‘ily baby’ which are trending yet.

Another part of the Tik Tok community is ‘Anirudh Sharma’ who recently got into music with his latest song ‘Tom Cruise.’ He gained popularity from Tik Tok and took the next step to singing. His music is trending and an absolute hit.

Ava Max, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles uploaded a song ‘Not your Barbie Girl’ and the challenge blew up on the app. The song became a challenge and she gained popularity. Her next song, ‘Sweet but psycho’ became viral and gained 500 million+ streams on spotify. Her music has led to a lot of Tik Tok challenges and reached a larger audience.

Doja Cat is another musician who went viral on the app. Her music was made into challenges and gained a lot of attention. ‘Boss B*tch’ and ‘Say so’ became dance challenges and reached out to a worldwide audience. People around the world discovered her music and danced to her songs. She is one of the top artists right now who is always trending.

Charlie D’Amelio is one of the most famous tik tokers on the app with the highest number of fans. She is famous for her dance challenges and a trendsetter in the app. Her iconic dance videos go viral. She used her platform to get into the music industry and her song ‘The feelings’ gained a lot of attention and was trending.

Charlie D’Amelio’s twin sister, Dixie D’Amelio is one of the viral sensations on the platform as well. She got into music like her sister and gained popularity for her collaboration with Liam Payne called ‘Naughty list’ as well as her other song ‘Be Happy’ was trending and went viral. The sisters used their platform and have gotten into YouTube as well as the music industry.

The platform has helped new artists to get discovered as well as helped them explore other avenues for their career. Major artists get signed into labels for their music and use their existing platform to promote their music. The punchline dances, makeup tutorials and skits using the music help promote the song and it blows up.

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