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Can Music Stimulate The Growth Of The Cannabis Plant?

Can Music Stimulate The Growth Of The Cannabis Plant?

by Anjali Mishra on April 02, 2021  in DrugsMusic

Music has a profound effect on our minds. You know how certain songs can make you start welling at the eyes, while others can give you that push to hit a new personal record at the gym, right? Interestingly, it is not just us humans who get affected by music. Music—or sound in general—appears to create profound changes in certain species of plants, from increasing yields to boosting immunity.

Does this mean you should start blaring Mozart in your cannabis garden? Or perhaps Bob Marley? Nirvana and Pink Floyd, if your herb patch would prefer their soothing tones? Or fuck it, Kpop?

By now, you must have noticed that your cannabis plants do not have ears. Such a bummer, eh? Well, this easy observation does not rule out the fact that sound can still influence them on a biological level. How plants “hear” music and sound remains unknown. But this ability allows plants to experience the outside world and act accordingly, not just in terms of defence but also for growth and germination, as revealed in studies.

Further studies have found both rock music and classical music to exert a positive effect on seed germination, plant height, and number of leaves. In contrast, non-rhythmic traffic noises has been observed to cause a negative effect.

Eventually, cannabis shares the same biological mechanisms of growth as many other plants. And by the evidence in hand, it does make sense that music could give your yields a minor boost. But we simply do not know the best genre yet, or how far to place the speakers, and how loudly—or quietly—to blast your selected songs.

If you want to give it a try, prepare for some trial and error. Explore genres, volumes, duration, and tempo; make a good playlist out of it. Doing so will certainly add a serious citizen science edge to your next batch. Or you will be watering and pruning your plants while nodding your head, at the very least. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

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