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Cannabis IN Alcohol? Introducing GinGin, India’s first Hemp Craft Gin!

Cannabis IN Alcohol? Introducing GinGin, India’s first Hemp Craft Gin!

by Daman Duggal on April 01, 2021  in Drugs

Are you wary of the piney, overwrought aftertaste that most gins have? How about we tell you that we have a breathy, refreshing Gin for you that is hemp-based?

Yes, you heard us right.

Standing at the forefront of the changing cocktail culture in India, homegrown liquor brand GinGin is that cool new kid in the block that you HAVE to make friends with! While quarantine has been among the most dreadful phases that the millennials and Gen Zs have seen, it sure has sparked a few minds and markets. With the signature blends of homegrown Indian brands already creating waves in the country’s alcohol scene, GinGin takes it a notch up by becoming India’s first hemp craft gin!

This edgy blend is the brainchild of millennial entrepreneur Shubham Khanna which uses nine distinct botanicals including hemp, which is not just a unique feature but also adds a distinctive, savory note to the final gin. Brewing in the mind of the 24-year old Goa-based founder for almost two years now and resulting from months of R&D and experimentation of over 40+ recipes, this clear-cut spirit is the first of its kind in India!

Crafted in Goa, this Indian Gin is a single-shot vapour-infused spirit comprising of nine botanicals namely Himalayan Juniper, Coriander, Lavender, Rosemary, Caraway seeds, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Butterfly pea flower, and of course, Hemp. Every element that goes into the bottle and outside of it is procured locally in India, thus supporting the #VocalForLocal movement.

Is it legal? Absolutely. Basically, marijuana and hemp are two varieties of Cannabis Sativa. Hemp is essentially the non-intoxicating variety of cannabis that is harvested for industrial use, thriving especially in the F&B industry.

This Indian Gin is made via the process of a single-shot distillation. Although this is the best process to produce high-quality gin, it is rarely-used these days because of its time-consuming nature. However, with GinGin being a small batch craft gin, this one-man army uses this process to get the final product just the way he likes it, thereby maintaining quality in every batch. Interestingly, the method for vapour infusion is also used for some of its botanicals to infuse the gin with intricate flavours.

Packed in a bottle that is as minimalistic as it can get, GinGin breaks free from the usual image of this spirit’s usual packaging with the mandalas, spices, and elephant designs. With subtle demarcations made on the side of the bottle to make the level of the liquid within clear both for the consumers to know exactly when to restock, and for the bartenders to keep up with their daily inventory sheets. This, definitely, is the kind of attention to detail that we love!

A homegrown spirit open to experimentation and one’s interpretation, GinGin offers a clear canvas and a frame for us to create our own stories and paint our own pictures. As of now, it is available in the quantity of 70cl (roughly 700ml) for Rs. 999 only. To know more and to get your own GinGin, please visit their Instagram page here.

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