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Celebrating Cars With Fiery Bars: Micah Bedford Releases ‘MATTE GLOSS’ MV

Celebrating Cars With Fiery Bars: Micah Bedford Releases ‘MATTE GLOSS’ MV

by Daman Duggal on April 01, 2021  in Music

If you are a car enthusiast but are tired of it being a mere background spectacle to show how rich the rappers are as they spit some lame bars on girls and alcohol, then we have quite a ‘thrilling ride’ for you!

To give the thriving car culture in India better representation than what it gets, Bangalore-Pondicherry based R&B singer-songwriter Micah Bedford has dropped the music video for ‘MATTE GLOSS’, the lead single for his latest EP ‘Lens Flare’. The song was released two months ago and was an overnight hit, with over 100k+ listens on Spotify alone at present, and growing.

The inspiration for ‘MATTE GLOSS’ stems from Micah’s appreciation for cars, his love of car-related video games and his appreciation for the significant role that these play in his life. Undoubtedly, the song soon caught the attention of a car enthusiast collective in Bangalore/Mumbai, Horsepower Cartel, who then reached out to Micah, offering a partnership for this insane bop’s music video. A month later, with planned collaboration between Horsepower Cartel, ETuners Motorsport, and RedBull India the video was shot in its entirety even in such times of uncertainty.

Micah’s ‘MATTE GLOSS’ is a genius attempt at subtly bringing the largely underground subculture of car enthusiasts to the fore. With a Kanye West-vibe of spitting straight-up fire with a straight-ass face, Micah slays the scene after a statement-making entry in a nostalgic Maruti car. The amazing moves by Onslaught Crew matched the vibe perfectly as Micah crooned fiery bars about his love for cars!

While partnering with people from the thriving car community for the music video has been a major milestone in Micah’s musical career, ‘MATTE GLOSS’ in itself is a testament to how strongly the Indian rap culture is coming through.

The music video is out now and is already making waves among car and hip hop enthusiasts alike. Check it out now, you will find yourself playing it on loop and humming along in no time!

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