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Challenging The Status Quo Through Hip-Hop: Adi Releases New EP ‘PIGEONHOLED’

Challenging The Status Quo Through Hip-Hop: Adi Releases New EP ‘PIGEONHOLED’

by Anjali Mishra on April 01, 2021  in Music

Do you want to be a part of the landmark moment where Indian Hip-Hop is breaking its ‘pigeonholed’ perception? Are you a fan of all things hip-hop, funk, soul, blues, and more? Say no more; you have come to the right place.

Mumbai-based rapper Adi has released his new EP titled PIGEONHOLED worldwide on 16th of October this year. This five-track project truly exemplifies the range of Adi’s songwriting ability and his knack for combining different areas of music to create innovative sounds.

Having established himself as a revered rapper in the Indian Hip-Hop scene with two EPs—Testing Waters and Old Me Knew You—under his belt, Adi is now back with PIGEONHOLED. This multi-genre five-track record brings together various musical influences, truly exemplifying the artist’s growth trajectory as he experiments with the genres he grew up loving. PIGEONHOLED is a unique combination of tracks that span across genres but are threaded together by elements of hip-hop.

Each track in the EP is personal to Adi as he draws inspiration from genres that he listens to. Be it the funk-forward track “COP CAR” that discusses the current social climate across the globe or the largely melodic R&B track “LOCKED IN” which turns a solemn situation into a romantic ode for a significant other; this project is one that marks a giant step in Adi’s career. “BACK HOME” is the artist’s ode to his parents whereas the groove-inducing sample-filled “.22” talks about mental health issues.

In essence, as suggested by the title, PIGEONHOLED sticks to the theme of being constricted; whether it is metaphorically, physically, mentally, or ideologically. The EP is undeniably Adi’s most concise and thought-provoking release. The EP indicates not only the beginning of a promising career for Adi, but also a phenomenal landmark for the Indian Hip Hop scene as it steadily breaks through his ‘pigeonholed’ perception.

PIGEONHOLED is out now and is already making waves among hip-hop enthusiasts and other music lovers alike. Check it out now, you will find yourself playing the EP on loop and humming along in no time!

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