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Dropping LSD For The First Time? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Dropping LSD For The First Time? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

by Anjali Mishra on April 01, 2021  in Drugs

Imagine lying on the grass, looking up at the serene star-studded night sky. However, soon enough, the sky starts changing its hues drastically—warping into neon shades of purple and green that you may have never witnessed before. All the stars start dropping from the sky, and the grass beneath you comes to life by way of a vibrant dance routine. And before you realise, you are holding a full-fledged conversation with the trees around you, with each tree bearing things that you could have never thought of—shoes, cupcakes, albums of your favourite artists, and all things random.

No, this is not a plot for a psychedelic movie, but it’s what a typical LSD experience may be like for one. If you are willing to plunge into this limitless world of distorted realities, here are some things that you definitely need to know, expect, and be prepared with.

The Effects

 The first and foremost thing to know before taking LSD is the extent to which it may affect you. LSD is a potent psychedelic, and is known to take over your brain. The funny yet scary thing is to be prepared for the ‘unknown’. It may sound weird to you unless you have experienced the LSD trip firsthand, but the premise is that you may see, hear, and feel things that are not actually there. The reality that you know as objective may get distorted in the most unpredictable ways. However, at the same time, it doesn’t have to be a helpless, scarring experience either. With the right determinants at your disposal, you can ensure not being at the whim of an alien drug.

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The Company

 Of course you may want to drop acid in good company, but the definition of ‘good’ company may also differ in this context. For instance, good company here may not necessarily mean your closest buddies. The kind of energy that you need during a psychedelic trip is aware, stable, and calm. And so, you need ‘acid-compatible’ friends around you. If possible, let someone who has prior experience with psychedelics guide you through your trip. Someone who would not just know the kind of music and lighting you need to vibe well, but would also know how to handle confusion, uncertainty, and the possibility of a bad trip without panicking.

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The Set & Setting

The ‘set and setting’ is an expression coined by Norman Zinberg and is used to refer to the mindset and the environment in the context of a psychedelics’ experience. Essentially, you need to keep your mindset and the scenario aligned with the prerequisites of a good acid trip. Consider this as a minimum three day voyage instead of a one day trip. Choose an open, natural place. Somewhere away from the city hustle yet comfortable enough for you to feel at ease (should you ever need them, keep closest medical addresses and contacts handy as a precaution). Delve into some self-reflection on the first day and ensure that you feel a certain sense of security and inner peace before you consume the psychedelic.

The Food & Drinks

 ‘Stay hydrated’ has weirdly been a popular meme in recent times, but it becomes all the more relevant in the context of LSD. While it is common to lose appetite during the trip, reminding yourself to stay hydrated is highly necessary because acid tends to raise the body temperature and you may end up losing a lot of water in your body while sweating (you probably won’t even realise). Moreover, you should stock up on food and miscellaneous supplies because consuming LSD can make you want the most random things at the most random times. Avoid keeping heavy food with you though as acid may magnify the discomfort you’d feel upon filling yourself with heavy, oily, unhealthy food.

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As mentioned earlier, taking LSD can be both an enriching experience that would make you feel like you have attained nirvana, or can even be a gruesome, traumatic trip if you’re not careful. The effect though, depends mainly on the factors discussed. Moreover, one of the biggest takeaways here is to not use stimulants like these to escape the harsh realities but to enhance the already-amazing experiences of your life. Know that dropping LSD may just prove to be that one missing piece of the complex puzzle inside your mind that would help make everything fall in place, but the key is to not screw yourself over it through frequent dosage.

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