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Experimentation And Eclecticism Galore: Rusha & Blizza’s ‘COURAGE’

Experimentation And Eclecticism Galore: Rusha & Blizza’s ‘COURAGE’

by Anjali Mishra on April 03, 2021  in CultureMusic

Do you wish to be a part of the landmark moment in the Indian electronic music scene as it is being brought to the mainstream with an immersive experience? Are you a fan of music that surpasses genres and categorization to deliver something surreal, both visually and aurally? Say no more, for you have come to the right place.

New Delhi-based sound design experimenter and producer duo Rusha & Blizza is back with a brand-new, bold track titled ‘Courage’. After the success and humongous appreciation received for their EPs ‘Mudra’ and ‘Sutra’, the duo has stepped up their game with their new single, smashing through music genres and diving into a unique experimental sound design creation yet again. The track is being released under a boutique label named Alfa Records, based out of Liverpool and New Delhi.

The track features futuristic music meshed with synth patterns, bass beatdowns, and vocals that goes beyond categorization and creates a new and fresh auditory experience for listeners. Coupled with serene vocals, the music video for the track features an interesting interpretive in vogue dance piece by Russian director and choreographer Igor Glinskiy. Perfectly combining the nuances of the music with bold movements and emotions of the dance, ‘Courage’ is a striking art piece both in terms of visual and auditory appeal. With this single,

Paurush Kumar, aka Rusha, shared, “‘Courage’ has been our most visual creation till this point, especially since we got the opportunity to work with an amazing fellow artist to create this unique piece.” “Feeding off the energy of Igor and his crew, we have tried our best to make the track exhilarating while keeping enough variations. We cannot wait to see how everyone likes it!” Aman Khare, aka Blizza, added.

In a world of genres and easy labels, the producer duo has dived into cerebral sound design that, continuing to define and leverage their knack for genre-defying music with beats that touch the soul. With a weighty anchor complemented by swathes of beats, Rusha & Blizza deliver an immersive aural experience of ‘courage’ with this single.

Sarthak Kush, Founder of Alfa Record Music, remarked, “Rusha & Blizza are finally entering the pool of sounds that they envisioned breaking into a few years back with this track. We are glad to release this single under our label and cannot wait to see the waves it creates in the scene.”

‘Courage’ is out now and is set to make waves among experimental trap enthusiasts and other music lovers alike! Listen to the track here now:

About Rusha & Blizza:

New Delhi-based sound design experimenters and producers Rusha & Blizza are one of the frontrunners of the SoundCloud-led revolution of the electronic music scene in India. With EPs like ‘Mudra’, ‘Sutra’ and the latest video single ‘Courage’; the artist duo strives to explore and surpass the restraints of genres and categories. By fusing futuristic music with inspiration sourced from different Indian traditional music elements for immersive and well-curated ‘chaos’, Rusha & Blizza are helping bring experimental trap music to the mainstream and carving a new niche in the world of music and dance.

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