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Five Best Excuses To Get A Break From The 9-5 Monotony!

Five Best Excuses To Get A Break From The 9-5 Monotony!

by Vibhor Batra on April 03, 2021  in Culture

You have been slogging it off at work for two whole weeks but today, you just don’t have the energy to go in. You can call in with the flu and since COVID’s still around, no one should bat an eyelid. But wait, you called in with the same excuse just two weeks back and it might seem a little fishy. What do you do now? Well, you take our help and use one of these five excuses to get your mental peace back.


Living in a country as polluted as ours means that all pollution related ailments are (almost) always believable. So, smoke some weed, click a picture of your fake red eye, and let conjunctivitis be your ticket out of monotony.

Need A New Government ID

The government introduces a new identification document every now and then to provide us with basic services. Sometimes it is Aadhaar, sometimes it is Parivar Pehchan Patra (folks in Haryana will know), sometimes it is a pension thing for your parents – the list is endless. Though a hassle, we can all use it to our advantage to get a day off. Not bad, right?

Virtual Relative Death

Now, don’t get your moral pants in a knot. Hear us out. Death is a very natural thing and lying about a relative that does not exist should ideally not make you feel guilty. Just take the day off, bask in the sympathy, and snore your troubles away. But remember not to kill the same virtual relative twice. That’s rookie behavior.

Fridge/Furniture Delivery

You need to be at home to collect big household items like TV’s, refrigerators, and other such furniture. No one will leave them on your doorstep and a weekend delivery slot was not available. Voila! Your excuse is ready. Put your feet up and recline your day away.

Home Emergency

A flooded bathroom, a short circuit, a fallen tree blocking the driveway, a monkey attack – there’s just so much that can go wrong in the morning. And everything, obviously, needs immediate attention. You cannot simply go to work with a flooded bathroom now, can you? Day off, sorted. Thank us later.

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