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Five Easy Make-at-Home Edibles To Start Your New Year On A High!

Five Easy Make-at-Home Edibles To Start Your New Year On A High!

by Anjali Mishra on April 02, 2021  in Drugs

Now that the shitstorm that was 2020 is gone, how about starting the new year ‘on a high’, literally? Instead of smoking it in a spliff or a bong like you usually might with your friends, maybe you can channelize the inner chef from March 2020 again, turning your love for weed into a love for cooking?

Just so you know, edibles come with their own perks; they are a healthier (and of course, more delicious), and longer-lasting alternative. And well, here’s the best part; they can be made pretty discreetly! To help you out, here are some beginner-friendly recipes for making edibles at home!

P.S. You will come across the word “decarboxylation” being mentioned a whole lot in this list. You see, the THC in the weed needs heat to give you the high you so seek. Like you blaze when smoking or vaping it, you need to activate the THC beforehand through decarboxylation when trying to make an edible. It is simple, just put your weed in the oven for about thirty minutes until it becomes brown, and then it will be ready to be used for food! The temperature should be about 250ºF. Basically, it should not burn the weed but just heat it.

Once you have your decarboxylated weed, you can get started on the recipes below!

Cannabis Chocolate

Turning chocolates into edibles is pretty easy and convenient. All you need to do is decarboxylate the cannabis, grind it to a fine powder, then add it to molten chocolate. That is literally it! Of course, different recipes will have different steps, but that is the essence.

Cannabis Butter

Source: Flickr

You can find the recipe here. You can use cannabis butter to make a wide array of edibles, including the chocolates mentioned above. In fact, want to get high from eating toast, or even butter chicken? You know what to do!

Cannabis Ice Cream

There are many ways to make cannabis ice cream, and most of them are quite simple. Most recipes involve cream and either decarboxylated cannabis or cannabis butter, and they can be as easy as mixing everything together and freezing it. That’s it!

Cannabis Tea

It is like tea but even more relaxing; if you know what we mean. You can make tea out of cannabis leaves, just like you would any other herb. However, unless you decarb the leaves first, the tea will not make you high. Alternatively, you can also make cannabis tea using hot water, a teaspoon of cannabis butter, and honey for a sweetener.

Cannabis Brownies

You can find the recipe here. The same method works for making CBD brownies at home, by the way. Just add some of Cibdol’s CBD oil to the recipe.

Enjoy your high, and thank us later!

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