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Joints, Bong, Or Chillum: What’s Your Choice?

Joints, Bong, Or Chillum: What’s Your Choice?

by Vibhor Batra on April 03, 2021  in Drugs

Hitting that beautiful, magical, soul-stirring, pain relieving, and joyful cannabis bud is the only constant in our adult lives (barring COVID now, argh!). But constants have their own limitations and it is fun to switch things up every now and then. Different strains, different hybrids, and even different ways of smoking the good stuff are all part of our stoner’s manual. And today, we want to see how joints, bongs, and chillums can give you varied smoking experiences and trips.

One can never go wrong with joints. The OG way to get high, joints do justice to everything - weed, hash, hash oil, kief – and are easily the most comfortable way of getting stoned because the amount of smoke you take in is relatively small and divided over many drags. Rolling the perfect joint, however, does take some practice and going through the occasional insult from your fellow smokers, but once you get hold of it, the sky’s the limit. Go crazy and creative with cross-joints, the scorpion, Dutch Tulips, and our favourite, the windmill.

Bongs, on the other hand, should be reserved for weed. And this was a harsh realisation, quite literally. After endless bowls of ‘throat-burning’ hash mixed with tobacco, a friend suggested a weed bowl and life has been smooth ever since. A weed bong will give you a clean high, you will (most likely) laugh and trip, and it sets a great base for the remainder of your smoking sesh. It requires no special rolling skills either. Just crush the good stuff, fill up the bowl, blaze it, and fly away. Do, however, remember to clean your bong after each session ’cause the residue can harm your lungs. Also, try filling it up with ice-cold water before you take a hit. You may thank us later.

Our personal favourite and most exciting way of tripping is the good old Indian clay pipe aka the chillum. Revered by the grey-haired (and bearded) babas, the chillum has a rich hippie history and spiritual significance. And if you ask us, it is the most badass way of smoking up. The large bowl size means a larger hit and the clay ensures that the smoke is cooled down for a smooth experience. It is a fun group activity with guaranteed smiles and blurred vision all around and we’d recommend smoking hash & tobacco chillums or “Ganga-Jamuna” ones. (If you know, you know). A chillum does require quite a bit of cleaning after each round though, so remember to get one with a cleaning pipe and saafi. And, Boom Shankar!

Well, there you have it. Our experiences with joints, bongs, and chillums and what you can expect out of each one of them. So, what’s your pick?

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