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Mere Paas ‘Ma’ Hai: How Motherly Cannabis Keeps On Giving

Mere Paas ‘Ma’ Hai: How Motherly Cannabis Keeps On Giving

by We Dot Ed! on April 01, 2021  in Drugs

The word ‘Ma’ invokes warmth and a sense of belonging. So, it is no wonder that Chinese have been addressing one of the most selfless caregivers ever with this two-lettered word since over 2800 BC. Before you jump to conclusions, this is not an appreciation article on mothers. An entire lifetime of gratitude can never make up for what a mother does for her children. However, the ‘Ma’ here refers to the caregiver that has been growing wild and free on our planet for over 20 million years now.

That’s right - this is dedicated to the holy plant of Cannabis that has been giving for long and will continue to. Unless of course, we keep relegating it to the sides for profit gained from unsustainable industrial practices, as mankind always has.

From its seed to the hurd, leaves, and flowers – virtually every part of Cannabis is useful to us, you, your neighbours, Alok Nath, Karen, and even Kokila Ben. Oh, and that eager tourist posing for selfies on the Chernobyl soil too. Mmhm, Cannabis absorbs radiation in the soil through a process called phytoremediation.

It’s okay, let your jaw drop.

There’s an unbelievable % of usefulness beyond what you will usually associate Cannabis with – recreation and medication. It has close to 25000 uses! From hemp plastic to soap to diapers to automobile parts to hempcrete (used in construction), Cannabis can be processed into just about anything you desire. Won’t it be incredibly satisfying to live in a house made of Cannabis?

A word of caution: don’t imagine setting the wall on fire to get high, because you just won’t. Hempcrete is made from hemp - the less-than-O.3%-THC variant of Cannabis.

Now the economics of this wonder plant is incredible. The global Cannabis market, legal and illicit, amounts to a staggering ~$340 Billion. The top 5 regional markets are:
Asia ($132.9 billion)
North America ($85.6 billion)
Europe ($68.5 billion)
Africa ($37.3 billion)
Latin America ($9.8 billion)

Would you believe that India’s contribution to the global Cannabis market is just 0.001%? Quite dumbfounding for a country that fondly called it Vijay in 2200 BC.

Just imagine the amount of monies that Indian cultivators and manufacturers will make if the smoke around this plant is cleared. We won’t ridicule you for touting it as the solve for our impending economic crisis.

As far as sustainability is concerned, 1kg of Cannabis needs minimum care. lts to grow in a 90-120-day crop cycle. Once again, Ma gives us more than she takes..

It’s just a matter of time before you warm up to the idea of fueling the Indian economy with Cannabis. And for that, you’ll need to learn more about the plant’s history, uses, laws around it, and its business opportunities. So don’t hesitate to tune into This Is We.Ed Podcast on Spotify for more on Cannabis in India.

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