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New Music Releases You Can’t Miss: Aug – Sept 2020

New Music Releases You Can’t Miss: Aug – Sept 2020

by Kunal Singh Chhabra on March 31, 2021  in Music

Here’s a lowdown of all the new international and Indian tracks that we’re loving and listening to on loop right now.

Still Woozy – BS (11.9.20)

For Sven Gamsky (stage name Still Woozy), artistry means processing emotions via music, listening to sounds’ textures, and warding off perfectionism. Gamsky is known for his psychedelic, feel-good pop songs like “Habit” and “Goodie Bag.” In his new single“BS”, Gamsky discusses his artistic process,and what he misses about concerts.

Rhye - Helpless (10.9.20)

While Rhye’s music is sometimes sublime and heartbreaking, “Helpless” is quite the opposite, showcasing a funky, rhythmic side of Milosh. Incorporating smooth synth and sultry R&B, “Helpless” has you tapping your foot right along.

Morethanray – LOST (21.9.20)

Morethanray’s moniker itself tells the story of the artist. Rahul Singh’s journey of creating music is based on a deep and very personal process that began with self-reflection which he articulated through writing — towards something More Than Ray. Lost, in continuation of Ray’s earlier releases, treads the path of self-exploration, more specifically about moving on from a loss without losing oneself.

Anhad + Tanner – Haari

Anhad + Tanner is a duo that focuses on making music inspired by their respective backgrounds – Anhad’s being based in the sounds of Asian underground and Indian electronica, and Tanner’s coming from contemporary jazz and western classical. Listen to Haari from their new album ‘In Other Words’.

Iam ALBOE (A Little Bit Of Everything) - Yellow

Yellow is the latest synth-pop single by Delhi-based producer and musician, Iam ALBOE aka Vedant Chandra. If you’re a big fan of smooth, lyrical tunes that get you grooving instantly without being loud or overpowering, this track is one that’ll make you very happy. Yellow is also a part of a broader compilation of songs with names like Red and White, also created and produced by Iam ALBOE.

AUDREY NUNA - damn Right

Showing no signs of stopping, the 21-year-old rising star returns with her latest single ‘Damn Right’ with an accompanying music video. Audrey Nuna is a pioneer in her own right, consistently delivering genre-bending, fresh, and quirky music that seems true to herself.

Prateek Kuhad - The Biggest Lie

Fresh from his Hindi Single “Kasoor”, singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad explores a melancholy hue of love with a cover of late troubadour Elliot Smith’s 1995 track, “The Biggest Lie”.

Seedhe Maut x Karan Kanchan - ‘Dum Pishaach’

Azadi Records and Gully Gang, two of the most prominent labels of India’s burgeoning hip-hop scene come together for the first time with a collaboration between meteorically rising rap duo Seedhe Maut, and Karan Kanchan, the producer behind a number of Gully Gang’s releases. First of its kind in India, the track is a fusion of Rap & Rock with sound elements of metal.

Yung Raj - Time .ft Jammz

Yung.Raj cut his teeth as a beatboxer, producer and DJ from Hyderabad, India and is now recognized as one of the most formidable talents coming out of the country through his ethic and his wide spectrum of sonic explorations. In his new EP with 4NC¥, he features a 135bpm, 808 bassweight grime thumper “Time” featuring the highly sought after vocals of the respected UK MC & artist Jammz.

ADGRMS, Dexx! Turner - Leroy

Leroy is the product of a cross-culture collaboration between the US-based rapper Dexx! Turner and India-based record producer ADGRMS. One of the biggest highlights of the record is the blend of the ethnic Indian Shehnai with fiery rap vocals presented in a hard-hitting Hip-Hop format. Leroy is written in strong reference to the character Bruce “Leroy” from the old classic fighting flick The Last Dragon describing the ‘supernatural glow’ that would give him power during his fights.

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