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#NewRelease: PAV4N Teams Up With Grime & Dubstep Producer Sukh Knight On ‘DOOM’

#NewRelease: PAV4N Teams Up With Grime & Dubstep Producer Sukh Knight On ‘DOOM’

by Kunal Singh Chhabra on March 31, 2021  in Music

After two blistering tracks, rapper PAV4N’s third release was yet another crackling tune in the shape of a long-awaited collaboration with East London grime and dubstep don, Sukh Knight. Friends for years but first-time collaborators, the joint effort ‘DOOM’ did not disappoint and released on July 31st on PAV4N’s recently-launched label 4NC¥.

Source: Pav4nco Instagram

After taking some time to digest recent global events, PAV4N returned with an apt motif for our times. ‘DOOM’ is set to an incendiary 140bpm grime beat, as the pair pay homage to their UK grime and dubstep roots - and lyrically, PAV4N took an aim at global power structures and the systems which suppress us.

Source: Pav4nco Instagram

 With an overarching message of tear-down-the status-quo, he describes this feeling as being “like a sitting duck in a crucible of complacency”. As frustration and suppressed rage boils over across the world, PAV4N also highlights how the people in power are benefiting from the current state of social unrest in a pandemic-afflicted world. He points that “the pandemic has created the perfect setting for nefarious action from powers that be, whether they are eschewing science and health over profit, passing questionable laws under the noses of a distracted population, or outsourcing life-saving measures to the Old Boy’s Network.”

Source: Pav4nco Instagram

‘DOOM’ is one of two tracks – the other is ‘2020 FE DEAD’ – that is also available on a limited-edition deluxe vinyl. The stunning saffron and Prussian blue 12-inch vinyl comes packaged in striking artwork from Osom Studios and photography by award-winning Indian photographer, Mitsun Soni.

PAV4N says about the label, “I want to create a global platform for incredible artists and connect scenes from around the world.” He adds, “With so much societal division and now heavy restrictions on travel, breaking these boundaries and subversion through unity is more important now than ever before. My dream for 4NC¥ is to facilitate meaningful exchange so that artists can break new ground with their careers on a global scale.”

Listen to “DOOM” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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