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Vines To TikTok- The Evolution Of Content!

Vines To TikTok- The Evolution Of Content!

by Kareena Dodeja on April 02, 2021  in Music

Vine makes us feel nostalgic. It brings us back to the mid 2000’s when vine was an innovation and creative platform. Many ‘Viners’ gained immense support on the app and used YouTube to garner a larger fan base.

The disappearance of the app was upsetting. A lot of emotion connected with the app as it was the main avenue for people to make content that would go viral. Here is the positivitea- thanks to the internet and YouTube, we can still watch vine compilations allowing Vine creators to exist in history.

TikTok was previously called Musical.ly in India and taken over by Byte and renamed as TikTok. It had one billion Indian users which paved the way for many influencers to go viral and set up a successful social media career.

What do you think is common between Vine and TikTok- the content. Vine helped pave the way so TikTok can be better. The six-second clips on Vine were short and it would be hard to find a true gem among so many others. Vine didn’t have a lot of users back then as TikTok does.

The format of TikTok is slightly different than Vine- the vertical video and micro-content idea remains the same. TikTok has gained a lot of popularity and the video content quality is a lot better and there are stricter regulations on what is offensive and not.

TikTok came at the right time when people needed an app for sharing content through videos and the creativity exploded on the app. People created content worth-watching and soon became major influencers. Celebrities realised the reach of the app and jumped on the bandwagon.

The barrier for Vine mainly is that the number of people to create videos of them was a lot lower back then. The volume of people using TikTok is massive and keeps growing which shows that there is a lot of content to consume. There is a small difference between Vine and TikTok- both paved ways of original content.

When you search for TikTok compilations, we can find a huge range from cringey content to the latest dance trends. Some might be absolutely cringe-worthy to consume or some might be the best of best trends that promote a good cause.

The target audience on TikTok is from the youngest to the oldest. The age range isn’t limited and the content isn’t either. People use the app for a fun alternative from their dreary days. TikTok is an alternative to Vine and it has become massive right now. The content is accessible to everyone and yes, it can make you laugh or cringe. Mostly cringe, though.

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