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What Was Smoking Weed Like In India Before It Got Criminalized?!

What Was Smoking Weed Like In India Before It Got Criminalized?!

by Daman Duggal on April 02, 2021  in Drugs

Wish you could go back to the olden days? Us too!

Today, marijuana is so heavily criminalised that some are even ready to go on record and admit to smoking it. But until the late 1980s, cannabis and opium were legal in India and sold in government run shops and traded by British East India Company.

The Single Geneva Convention of 1961 classified cannabis products and opiates as narcotics and in 1985 under pressure from the United States, Rajiv Gandhi government passed the controversial NDPS-Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act which banned the production and sale of cannabis resin and flowers but did permit the use of its leaves and seeds.

As far as experience goes, users from the pre-independent era tell their stories about how smoking up wasn’t supposed to be cool like today, it was considered a taboo and had to be done inside closed doors. The dealers (pushers) only sold the good stuff, not the mixed shit that it so easily found in markets today. The criminalization of weed has actually made it far more acceptable today than before.

Just imagine a time where you can smoke up behind closed doors anytime, a world full of happiness seemed possible and in that era people really seemed happy with whatever they had, life had no hurry, just live out the rest of your days in this painful world. Smoking pot was a way to escape forces of reality and taken as a prasad, free from the pressure of reality it gave you sometime to relax and just sit back, almost something that your psychiatrist prescribes you the meds for. Now in the recent years, Non-profit organisations and activists groups have been actively campaigning for the legalization of cannabis in the country, if you look at the reports where Marijuana is legal, you’ll find people consuming less of alcohol and painkillers, weed is bad for these businesses since it becomes a healthier alternative.

The earlier years were happier and simpler times, although not much has changed, even with government bans, Himachal Pradesh is known for having an illegal market of marijuana and till today only 1% has been caught and along with this, pretty recently Seedo, an Israel based firm said Delhi and Mumbai are among the highest consumers of weed in India!

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